Welcome to Deb's HeArt Studio!

My name is Deb & I am one of Jehovah's Witness's on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. As an artist & graphic designer, I love to combine my creativity and spirituality to create Bible based printables for the friends.

Deb's HeArt Studio had it's start through Covid19, when I started to make letterheads for my own Ministry to keep my letter writing a bit more creative. I thought "Maybe I should share some of these, as I needed them to keep my ministry more interesting, maybe my friends were needing something a bit more creative as well?" - and I was right! The support has been so amazing & love interacting with my brothers & sisters all over the World.

We have digital downloads of Inspiring Bible Scripture Quotes, JW Printables,  DIY Templates & Baptism Gifts for Jehovah's Witnesses. We offer personalisation and can customize any design to suit your requirements - Just send us a message.

I hope you enjoy!